A Compilation of  Words and Images From Our Marist Family 

Gathered By:


Linda Akele


Catherine Gregory





“From Birth to Now”

By: Maria De Jesus


From the first day I laid eyes on you,

I knew you were the one for me

I may have been a fetus but I could tell by the way you took care of me


All the late nights I had to stay in the hospital,

I know it worried you, 

You prayed everyday for me to overcome those obstacles

So you could bring me home in my baby blue


As time passes by, our bond grows tighter 

There’s nothing better than a mother who’s a fighter 

When one tear falls, she wipes it back up 

It can be something traumatizing or as small as a break up 


My dear mother, 

My true best friend,

You’re my very own treasure 

Until and beyond the very end 


At this moment,

I would like to say

From a daughter to a mother,

Happy Mother’s Day!

William Kunga and Mom 

“It is an honor to help shape the next generation and to provide

guidance,care,protection, and support to my children because so many

children don’t get that. It means everything to me to be a mom”

Jewel Gregory (Catherine and Chloe’s mom)



“My mom means the world to me! She puts up with all the craziness and madness I put her through. She loves me no matter what happens to me and loves teasing me about things I stress about. I wouldn’t be the person I am without her. When my dad was overseas she was the one always taking care of me and my sisters. I love her to pieces!”

Danielle Leahey ‘19















“ Being a mother is the most important role. I feel blessed that God allows me to have such wonderful children to protect and nurture.” 

Charmaine (Maria De Jesus’ mother)  ‘19

“My favorite thing to do with my mom is to go thrift store shopping.” 

Mateo H. ‘20  


“I like getting my nails done with my mom and talking to her.” Estephania C. ‘20 


“When I graduate I think my mom will be proud that I did my best during my four years of high school, that I became a better person, that I am going to college and that I’m following my dreams.” Jennica S. ‘18 


“ My mom will be proud that I am having a successful academic experience while maintaining my participation in clubs, church, and being the best daughter and sister in the world. I really love my mom!” Alexis A. ‘19





“One thing I believe will make her  proud of me is that, I delivered on my commitments. My mom will be proud of my efforts and  my courage to undertake tasks regardless of difficulty.” Jessie R. ’18


“My mom means the world to me. She is like my favorite pillow or cuddly teddy bear, she’s someone I can always turn to for warmth, comfort, reassurance etc. Many things would not have been possible in my life if not for her, including the fact that she brought me into this world and took care of me. This is why she means everything to me.”Alexis A. ‘19


 “My mom means the world to me. She works herself to the max, so I that can have a good education and a good life.” Christian G. ‘19


“She is like my impression. She shows me what being a strong woman is and pushes me to do my best. Honestly she is what keeps me going when I break down, cry, and I want to quit.” Daijaine J. ‘19


“My mommy is my best friend. We fought like cats and dogs growing up being the only two females in the house full of boys, but I am “old” now, and can see the things she was trying to teach me... I would not be who I am today if it wasn’t for my mom. She is the best mom and even better grandma to my children. Spoils them like crazy even though I don’t like it :)  ” Mrs. Serrano

The Following words and photo

belong to : Linda Akele

This is my mom. She is the most beautiful  person I can ever ask for. She is more like a best friend, sister, auntie and so much more. She is one of the sweetest person in the world and I thank God for having her in my life.


Mother’s Day -Short Poem

The day you brought me in this world, was one of the most amazing days ever. The way you dress, talk and carry yourself is something that amazes me and everyone else.  Your heart is filled with so much joy and happiness. That is why we all celebrate Mother’s Day. - Linda A 

Catherine and Chloe Gregory and Mom  

Danielle Leahey and Mom 

Danielle and Daniel Jenkins and Mom  

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