Helping Hands"

More Than Just A Service Club  



You may know Jared Radil at Marist High School as an honor roll student, a member of the National Honor Society, or maybe just by saying hello to him in the school halls. But did you know that to get to where he is today Jared had to work extremely hard?


He was diagnosed at a very young age with autism. When he was younger, Jared had trouble performing what many people view as simple tasks, such as talking, listening, making eye contact and processing his surrounding. But thanks to early intervention and the unyielding help and encouragement of his family and organizations like the Simpson Baber Foundation, the Busy Bee Program, and Hudson Milestones, Jared was able to successfully navigate through life despite his autism.


These organizations allowed him the opportunity to grow by encouraging personal interaction with others. With this caring network, Jared overcame many obstacle. At first he was a young child with a small vocabulary and a school aid, later he became a distinguished, independent honor roll student at the top ten percent of his class.

Jared hopes to inspire other kids on the spectrum and to encourage them to reach their full potential just as his supporters did for him. That is why he has started “Jared’s Helping Hands.” His main goal is to create a beacon of hope for others.


Currently he has organized a club at MARIST HIGH SCHOOL that aims to aid students on the spectrum and to unite the Bayonne community. “It means everything to me,” Jared says about his group. It has been in construction for over a year now and he has dedicated all of his time to this endeavor. 

However, to continue to achieve many great things, Jared needs volunteers like you.  Becoming part of “Jared’s Helping Hands” will allow you the opportunity to help kids on the spectrum, take part in events and fundraisers like sports games, concerts, seminars, and other community based gatherings. Not only will you be helping children succeed, but you will also become part of a larger community. Join him alongside of Marist to begin raising funds and awareness for the Simpson Baber Foundation. By doing so you can be a part of something truly important.  Ensuring their success will enable them to help other students like Jared.


He has high hopes for his campaign. He wants to reach the Bayonne Community, Hudson County, New Jersey and beyond. To do this “Jared’s Helping Hands,” needs to connect with yours. Join him! Make new friends with a common purpose - TO LEND OTHERS A HELPING HAND!

Stay tuned for their upcoming events at Marist and Bayonne. 


Written by: William Kunga 

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