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old school - according to 




Anything that is from an earlier era and looked upon with high regard or respect. Can be used to refer to music, clothing, language, or anything really.


refers to a previous generation ...highly regarded and sometimes the very thing that started it all.


A positive appellation..." 

Melida Rodas

Moderator of The Journalism Club at Marist High School, Fan of THE SHIELD's Student Writers & Artists

Use your voice! It is Power! It is Everything !

Mrs. Serrano

English Teacher at Marist High School

"It is so exciting to see the students at Marist High School get excited about writing again. The return of "The Shield," has awoken something very special in them.  To witness students dancing and beaming with excitement because they get to see their hard work published, is why I became an educator, to get them excited about Writing and Life. This is for all our students, their voices are  not unheard, we all have something to say. I tell them during lessons in my Literature Class, "every person has a thousand words to say, but we each have a thousand different words to tell." 

Edvidge Giunta

A Sicilian-American Writer, Educator, and Literary Critic

Students of Marist High School - 

Listen closely. 

DO the work your writing asks you to do. 

DO that and the writing will do 

the work you need it to do. 

Ed Reuter

Marist Alum

Bro.Leo Sylvius,FMS, the first principal of Marist,

which was new and all boys at that time,

said on a daily basis

"Remember, men, you're on parade ".

It, obviously, meant that we should always be on our best behavior

because people always noticed what we did.

It reflected on us personally and also on Marist as a whole.

Ricardo Kaulessar

Marist Alum '90 , Staff Writer - The Montclair Times, NorthJersey.com, Part of the USA Today Network

" MARIST - Good luck to all on this new and wonderful endeavor.

I remember as a student I wrote some poems and a short story for the school's printed paper back in the day.

Here are words of advice from a veteran journalist:

Spell correctly.

Write a lead sentence that will hook readers in.

Be persistent.

Always look for the story that no one else is doing."

Krystal Sital

"My advice to students of "The Shield"- 

Write fearlessly.

Write stories that fill in the blanks.

Just Write.

Words are powerful so use them wisely. 

All you need to start is a single letter

on a blank page." 

Angel Eduardo -

"Congratulations to the writers & artists of "The Shield!" 


Advice from one artist/writer to another - 

Question everything. Even yourself.

Never be afraid to ask " WHY?"

Don't pretend to know things you don't.

Always, always, ALWAYS be honest." 

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