Brandon Johnson's "@ DPF 2k18"

This year " THE SHIELD," Students of Marist High School, were granted the opportunity to attend the epic Dodge Poetry Festival by the Geraldine Dodge Foundation.

"The heart of the Dodge Poetry Festival, High School Student Day introduces thousands of teenagers to poets from widely diverse backgrounds, offering them the opportunity to see the world from perspectives entirely unlike their own. It also offers many students the rare opportunity to meet working poets who are like them, and to experience first‐hand that there is a larger world of like‐minded people who welcome and understand them. This is exciting, inspiring and liberating for all of them, and life‐saving for some." Doge Poetry Festival

To say that our students were inspired, excited and moved by this event is an understatement. Meeting world renowned poets such as Sandra Cisneros, author of "House on Mango Street," was a big thrill.

This poem , written by Marist Student William Kunga, after the event, captures the essence of this transformative experience.

The event was captured in the following images by student, Brandon Johnson,

Staff Photographer, "Shield Think Tank" and Marist High School APP Designer.

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