Maria DeJesus Reviews "Camp Marist" Art Festival

Updated: Apr 29, 2018

It's been years since I’ve been to an Arts festival. Attending Marist High School’s Arts Festival was a tremendous experience. It reminded me of why I loved art, especially photography. As I first walked into “Camp Marist”, which happens to be the theme of their festival, I was able to truly feel as though I was outdoors. As I first walked in, I arrived to 5 wonderfully built cabins. Inside one of them, there was great photography. It portrayed everyone’s true emotions. Across from it was a well put together campfire. The details on the art pieces were remarkable! As you continued to walk, you came across cabins six through ten next to a lake. From afar, it was easy to imagine that you were at a real camp! The art pieces brought “Camp Marist” to life.

      Based on people’s facial expressions and reactions, you were able to see how engaged everyone was with the students’ art. Many friends and family members of the artists were taking pictures with and of the art pieces. While interviewing others at the art exhibition, many were impressed. The amazing singing, dancing, and stepping left the audience in awe. Afterwards, I noticed some of the students were in the back giving praise to the performers. One family member said this about the artists “ I am aware of how talented the students are but tonight, I am ASTONISHED!” I can honestly say, I was too! The arts festival left a significant impression on the staff, students, and our guests. We are proud of those who participated and let us enjoy their many talents.

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