"KC Strong: Marist Freshman, Cancer Survivor, Entrepreneur, Warrior." by: William Kunga

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

"Humans of Marist, " an ongoing series by: William Kunga

On June 24th, in Overpeck County Park in Ridgefield Park, NJ, "The Tomorrows Children's Fund (#TCF)" will be holding their "3rd Annual Join Hands #5K and Family Mile #Run/Walk." TCF is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the families of children with cancer and other serious conditions by relieving their emotional and financial stress. They hold events and activities like the "Join Hands Run" to help these families and to give them the strength they need to overcome their struggles. They hold a large part in many children’s hearts such as Kaycy Rivera.

Kaycy is a 14 year old cancer survivor who has just finished her freshman year at Marist High School.
Ever since Kaycy was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 the TCF has aided her and her family through their ordeal.

“They’re like a second family. They try to make your life as normal and happy as possible by relieving the stress from all that’s going on”, Kaycy said.

The TCF has brought normality to her family’s life after all of the hospital appointments, ER visits, and chemotherapy she has been through. A way that they’ve relieved stress for Kaycy and her family is by helping to pay mortgage bills, Pseg bills, and more. They have even offered her family tickets to a Broadway show.

Another thing that has helped Kaycy through her diagnosis and remission is her dog, Austin. Kaycy’s happiest moment was when she got her dog Austin 316! In fact, she wants to become a veterinarian. She plans to start a program where she goes to the houses of #cancer patients and treats their pets free of charge. The TCF has played a major role in her life and in the lives of thousands of other children like her. As a non-profit organization, the TCF depends on your donations to survive and to help kids like Kaycy go through life happily. You can help them by running or walking on Kaycy's Team. It's called "KC STRONG" . Her family and friends are participating in "3rd Annual - Join Hands 5k" in Overpeck County Park in Ridgefield Park, NJ.


Kaycy currently runs her own online business with her mother,

"KC and Mom.". KC is "Strong" and a Marist Royal Knight, Class of 2021.


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