"Marist Carnival 2k18, a Hometown Favorite" by: 📷 photos and article by: Kayla Fonseca

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

From Thursday, May 31, 2018 to Sunday, June 3, 2018, Marist High School hosted their 3rd annual Carnival. With lots of rides, games, activities, food, and fun, it was a weekend not to be missed.

The Marist Carnival had plenty of rides that gave even the adults a thrill! With the Fireball, Zipper, and many more, excitement filled the air.

Duck ponds, a basketball game, and a chance to win lots of candy! In addition to rides, Carnival goers, young and old, had the chance to play games and win a prize !

And now something for the little ones. Rides with the Magic School Bus, Dumbo, and more graced the field and put a smile on everyone’s face!

A fan favorite at any carnival is the dunk tank! Who will be in it? Who will line up to dunk someone!

This year, students got involved in the action, too, with Manny Alvarez, Angel Ortiz, and Anthony Marshall-Tutten ready to be dunked! Teachers, parents, and students alike walked up, ready to give it their best swing!

It would not be a carnival without the classic carnival food: hotdogs, cotton candy, popcorn, and funnel cake! And, luckily, the Marist Carnival had them all! Rancho Mateo was also at the carnival, serving up classic Colombian food!

In addition to all the delicious food, there was face-painting and temporary tattoos!

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