'Nurse' Me Back to Reality !? - Career Choices" by: Danielle Leahey

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

Recently, in America, we celebrated teacher appreciation week. Alongside teacher appreciation week, America in addition, celebrated nurses appreciation week. Many times we overlook nurses thinking that doctors do everything. On the contrary it is actually the quiet opposite. There is a famous quote,

“doctors are the brain of the hospital. Nurses are the heart. If the brain fails, the heart will manage, but if the heart fails, nothing will manage” ~Unknown


This famous quote is one hundred percent true. When we go to doctor offices or hospitals majority of the time nurses are taking care of us. Staying in the hospital is such a dreadful thing, but nurses make it better. Speaking from personal experience, I have seen more nurses than doctors. I stayed in the hospital twice and the nurses were constantly in and out of my room. They made sure everything was okay and made me feel happy. Every time I go see my orthopedist, the first person I see is the nurse. I would sit and talk with her for a long time before walking in the exam room. They make you laugh, smile, and just enjoy life. After talking to those nurses, the nurse practitioner exams me. Her name is Sarah, and I am thankful for her because she answers all my questions I have. I even email her questions! She takes the time out of her day to answer my questions, and I truly appreciate her.

When was the last time we said thank you to a nurse? We always say thank you to doctors because they “fixed” us, however, nurses do the biggest jobs. Nurses are able to fix us mentally. When we go to doctors or hospitals many times we are sick and sad. Doctor offices and hospitals can be a gloomy place. Nurses come in with a warm welcome and a smile. They work very hard and many times they do not get the appreciation they deserve. Is only a week good enough to show our appreciation for them? Not really. For anyone who has had loved ones in the hospital, nursing homes, and even dying, nurses were there. Nurses come in to check vitals, to give you medication, and to help you with anything you possibly need. The first person I saw after surgery was a nurse. She was there to make sure everything went well and that I was not in pain. These simple things may not seem like a lot, but when was the last time you see a doctor doing that? So what is it truly like to be a nurse?

I interviewed my personal nurse friend I know, her name is Jessie. I asked her what her experience is like as a nurse:

Me: Why did you want to become a nurse?

Jessie: I am a people’s person and I love taking care of my patients. It’s a very rewarding job and it makes me feel good being able to help my patient recover after surgery and get back to their normal routines.

Me: What is your favorite part about being a nurse?

Jessie: My favorite part is getting to know my patients, not just their diagnosis and medical condition, but them personally. What they like to do, their family, hobbies things like that.

Me: Do you have a story about a time you changed a patient’s attitude/life?

Jessie: Yes. A patient I took care of for 3 shifts in a row. He was very sick and kinda giving up on life. He told me about his son who passed away from drugs about 2 years prior, i told him about my parents both being drug addicts and how my step dad raised me, I was going to school and becoming a nurse. His attitude changed and he was fighting for his life and wanted to get better and get home to his wife and other sons. I did not know this, but he had a memorial scholarship for his son that he did every year, he gave me the scholarship without even applying for it that year and for the next few years! He said I was so compassionate and caring even though I had a rough life that it changed his outlook on his life. To this day we still keep in touch!

Me: Do people (including doctors) say thank you?

Jessie: Yes. I do not come across many co workers who do not. Even the residents say thank you. For the most part the doctors are extremely kind to us, we take care of their patients and we are the ones who are with them the most and they know that.

Me: Did you celebrate Nurses Appreciation Week?

Jessie: Yes of course! The hospital serves us lunch and ice cream. We also get a gift each year, something small, but it is nice. This year we got a tote bag, last year it was an umbrella. Also they have an award ceremony each year for different nursing awards. This year I was nominated and won one of them, it was for a 900 dollar scholarship!

Me: What advice would you give to a person who is interested in being a nurse?

Jessie: It is hard work and if nursing is your passion then do it! Nursing is such a rewarding job and I would not change my career for anything else.

Nurses like Jessie, is what makes the medical field two times better! Jessie is such a phenomenal nurse! She took the time out of her day to let me interview her. As you can see she is also very successful! She turned the bad into the good! That is what a true nurse does. Next time when you see a nurse remember to say thank you. Do not get mad or frustrated at them, they are doing their job. They work long shifts and they still manage to put a smile on their face and put one on yours too! Happy nurses appreciation week to all the amazing nurses!

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