Xielo Cora's TED X Talks Pick of the week

April was National Poetry Month. For this reason I thought about sharing the following video with you about the relationship between Shakespeare and Hip - Hop.

Click on AKALA's name below to be redirected to the TED X video.

Also, please see the "WORD!" tab on our website for THE MARIST POETRY PROJECT.

We encourage all students to submit their poetry to HERE!.

( I will be sharing my favorite TED X Talks on a weekly basis.

Stay tuned for XC's TED X PIX ! )

"Akala demonstrates and explores the connections between Shakespeare and Hip-Hop, and the wider cultural debate around language and it's power. MOBO award-winning hip hop artist 'Akala' is a label owner and social entrepreneur who fuses rap/rock/electro-punk with fierce lyrical storytelling. " TEDx Talks Dec 7, 2011


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