Kayla Fonseca's, "The Fight Against Hunger - a Women’s Rights Issue?"

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

As the days grow shorter, the weather gets colder, and the year begins to come to an end, the holiday season encroaches. It is a happy, fulfilling time of year for most of us, but for others, especially those without homes, it can be the most difficult time of year. What some seem to forget is that hunger exists even if we don't see it. It is a reality for many all over the world and all year round. This is an ugly fact that many forget.

Around the world, women, be it a mother, grandmother, or sister, are generally the members of the household who take care of nourishment. Many perform the following tasks: grocery shopping, cooking, growing the food, working in the fields, etc. However, women are still not given the same agricultural rights as men. Women are not entitled to the same property men are and that might just be one of the biggest mistakes. In a study conducted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, researchers found that if women in 34 developing countries were given the same opportunities as men, the yearly food production of that country would rise by an estimated 4%. This extra 4% from each country would result in about 150 million fewer people living with hunger. It seems like such a monumental and simple step in the right direction, so why has this step not been taken? Why are women constantly denied the same rights as men? In this case, why are they denied the right to own their own land?

In nearly every case, the country, in which a woman without land lives , is dominated by men. They control the government, the laws, and the household, making it extremely difficult for any sort of feminist or pro-women reforms to take place. Thankfully, UN Women has created programs and launched initiatives to encourage women in developing countries to fight for their rights. They also advocate for female leadership in countries where it is considered atypical. These programs also work to change laws and practices in these areas of the world.

With the weather outside so cold, it may be heartwarming to be proactive regarding the challenges of world hunger and women’s rights. Look into UN Women and see how you can be part of the solution regarding world hunger. On a smaller scale there is lots one can do to help our local community. At this time of year it is fitting to lend a helping hand at soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and take part in countless other service opportunities. Search https://www.jerseycares.org/ to be proactive about hunger and other issues affecting our community. Begin by taking action right here! Right now!



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