Maria De Jesus - "The Importance of Thanksgiving"

Updated: Nov 22, 2018


Thanksgiving is a special day,

When we give thanks in every way.

We gather around at dinner tables,

While others sit around watching cable.

There’s a bigger story behind it all,

Not just one day in the season of Fall.

God encourages to be thankful often,

Open our heart and let it soften. 

Put smiles on peoples faces 

Despite one's complicated relations.

Endorse love for one another, 

Not just your father and mother.

God wants us to share our love;

Be as sweet and peaceful as a dove. 

Help those who are in need;

Donate cans to a food pantry.

We shall be grateful for everything,

Not just jewelry, shoes, and other material things. 

Fill one’s heart with joy and laughter

this is a day to be grateful for each other.

© Melida Rodas 2018   Web Developer / Writer / Multimedia Artist