A Letter from The Editor

Updated: May 1, 2018

To The Readers:

I have had the honor of reviewing the work of the students

at Marist High School for the past few weeks.

They are serious and devoted artists.

They are more courageous than I ever was in my adolescence.

They are willing to share their valuable pieces of work with all of you. It stems not from wanting to be in the spotlight, rather a place of urgency. Being in a room with them discussing ideas about this venture I learned that they are passionate and eager to be heard.

This newspaper,

This blog,

This magazine,

is not just another website.

In fact,

it is a vessel for keeping sacred things.

I pray that people enjoy and cherish its content.

As humans, all we need is just one person to believe in us

and a safe place for us to exist with out judgments.

Sometimes we write - in order to





Listen to their Truths.

I am grateful that you:

Marist Faculty and Staff,




have allowed me to enter into your world.

I feel blessed to embark on this journey with you by moderating this group. They remind me of the frailties of teenaged hood. I am listening to them so attentively.

They have many more brilliant ideas that have yet to be put in place.

We, they, look forward to sharing them with you.

This will help all of you to see them for who they really are -

complex and awe inspiring individuals.

With respect and admiration,

Melida Rodas

Chief Editor, Ethics Maven, Web-Designer/ Developer of THE SHIELD Website

Moderator of The Journalism Club at Marist High School

© Melida Rodas 2018   Web Developer / Writer / Multimedia Artist