“To Love Love, One Must Get Beyond What Others Hate” By: Mikyla Bethune

A student’s perspective on the Artist, self love and femininity.

Femininity can be defined in many ways.

I see femininity as being completely freed from social or political chains that may disrupt freedom of thought and freedom of expression.

This is why I personally view Courtney Love as one of my role models. Courtney Love Cobain exemplifies true femininity to me. In a world full of touched up and dolled up beauty queens, Love is the only one that is willing to tell it like “it” is and to let her audience acknowledge “it” and assess “it” for themselves. She is brash, unashamed, outrageous and outspoken.

However, Courtney Love did not begin alone in her rebellion. “The Riot Grrrl Movement,” aka “Foxcore,” consisted of female-lead bands or singers who were admittedly very loud and very aggressive. While femininity originated out of the punk scene in the late 70s, it only truly picked up steam in the 90s. All of these artists were angry at the status quo that constantly valued and promoted male acts over female ones. These radicals were outraged that many females in the spotlight all looked ridiculously dolled up and were extremely stereotypical. One of these rebel acts included Courtney Love. Even though in the 90s she eventually became part of the mainstream, her brashness eventually overtook MTV and overshadowed women like Madonna who pushed the pretty, soft, materialistic girl aesthetic.

Courtney Love’s attitude, may seem a bit unorthodox to many. She displays what maybe considered boyish behavior and holds an assertive demeanor. Still, this is not to say that she is a tomboy. She clearly enjoys makeup and being well dressed, but her bluntness with the media and to those she holds in disdain cannot be equaled. While, many would be disheartened over the mean-spirited words thrown in her direction, her disposition is unfaltering. In the wake of inflammatory accusations and slurs thrown her way, she merely shrugs and says, “Yeah. So what?”

Finally, she simply wrecks and destroys the very notion of her beauty standards being considered girly. Even in her heyday of wearing frills and pastels, she still insisted on wearing army boots or sneakers with every outfit. Courtney even acknowledges the unnatural and shallow perception of beauty and states, “I don't need plastic in my body to validate me as a woman.” It’s clear that to her, beauty through plastic surgery and cosmetics cannot make a person as gorgeous or as yearned for as many would have us believe. Her nonchalant mindset makes her even more forceful and powerful when it comes to proudly expressing herself both in body and in mind.

To conclude, Courtney Love is my ideal version of self love and femininity. She is a woman who proudly stands tall without any sort of self-shame or uncertainty. To me, she perfectly exemplifies being comfortable in one's own skin. Courtney Love is brash, loud, and unapologetic; sometimes even offensive, but despite this, I wish I could be more like her when it comes to owning her femininity and being unabashedly herself. What I admire most is the way she exudes confidence and boldness while at the same time being beautiful and delicate in her own way. To quote Courtney, “I'm not a woman. I'm a force of nature.”

That is why I choose to Love Love.

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