"What do Tupac, The Beatles, Metallica, ...Have In Common...Mama?"By: Mikyla Bethune

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

#Music has been and is still is very diverse, and can cover a wide variety of topics and ideals. However, undeniably one of the most talked about subjects in the music industry is about mothers. Throughout the history of music moms have always been addressed. These #artists range from #bands and artists such as #TheBeatles, #PinkFloyd, #TheRollingStones, and even #Metallica. These acts can all discuss their love and adoration for one of the most seminal and important people in their lives, their mothers. However, while all of these performers’ songs mentioned may be about their mother’s the topics diversify and range from merely missing their mom and telling them to let go or about the depressing and damning topic of cancer. It is clear that despite all of the differences that these entertainers have artististically they can all find common ground when it comes to their moms.

The Beatles are widely known for rather upbeat and romantic songs. However, despite this The Beatles have on multiple occasions have addressed sadder topics, some of which had to deal with their mothers. #JohnLennon and Paul #McCartney, especially, have always had adoration and fascination when it came to the strong females and matriarchs within their lives. Songs like "Julia" and "#Mother", in particularly, go into detail about the singer’s love for his mother and how disheartened he is that she passed away and how he had to leave leave her behind to carry on. While, Your Mother Should Know was a song completely dedicated to the mothers around the world explaining they are the ones who know best. In Paul McCartney’s own words, “I was basically trying to say your mother might know more than you think she does. Give her credit.”

Even rock stars who live rather extraordinary and extravagant lifestyles still can give credit where credit is due and give nothing but unwavering devotion towards their mothers. From bands and acts like #Aerosmith, #PinkFloyd,  the #RollingStones to even figures like Ozzy Osbourne and Tupac can perfectly capture their endearment towards their moms. While, songs like "Mother’s Little Helper", "Mama Kin", and "Mother" discuss the hard work, tenderness, and even hardheadedness of their moms. Ozzy Osbourne’s "Mama, I’m Coming Home" and #Tupac ’s "Dear Mama" slightly vary from this formula. During the height of his popularity #OzzyOsbourne had a problem with alcoholism and suffered from the feeling of loneliness despite his fame and notoriety. Because, of this he decided to clean up his act, not just for him but for his mother too. The song provides details about how his mom kept urging him to get better and seek out help, along with how both of them were rather isolated from each other and how they both yearned to be with each other again. Osbourne expresses how even through his struggles his mom never left him, and how her hard work didn’t and will never go to waste when it came to raising and aiding him. Tupac’s mother on the other hand had a long problem with narcotics, along with how when he was younger he had many spats with her. However, despite all of these issues and disagreements his undying devotion and fondness for her is undeniable.

Finally, the death of a loved one no matter who it is can always be depressing and and life altering. However, where others find despair these bands found an outlet to express their love for the ones who helped raise them. #FooFighters’ "Aurora" and #Metallica ’s "The God That Failed" are heart wrenching songs that deal with the deaths of the Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl’s grandmother and Metallica’s James Hetfield’s mother. "Aurora" only deals with the despair of Dave’s #grandmother passing due to old age. "The God That Failed" on the other hand refers to James’ mother refusing any medical help for breast cancer due to her religious beliefs.

#Music throughout the decades has taken the form of many different topics and points, especially when it came to the mom’s that helped raise these stars into who they are today. Mothers are not only great #writing material, but they are what hold the fabric of our world together. Without these moms we wouldn’t have great music, but we also wouldn’t have these great people. However, #rockstar or not that does not mean that we can’t give up a little for our #moms on this very special day when they give up so much for us already.

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