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Future Medical Professionals Get Their Head Start at MEDQUEST.


“Opportunities waiting to happen.”


This is how Marist High School Junior and CSP scholar Danielle Leahey describes MEDQUEST, an innovative program that gives high students academic and practical instruction relating to different areas of the medical field. In addition to the rigorous classroom instruction, Leahey says that she enjoys learning from the clinical labs, as well as the hands on experience.

This program is located in a state-of-the-art lab that provides a stimulating learning experience. Students in the MEDQUEST program will master basic first aid skills needed to respond to emergency situations, become certified in CPR and AED, and participate in situations in order to understand the realities of working in the health-care field. The MEDQUEST clinical lab facility is equipped with a hospital bed and essential resources to give the students an authentic learning experience.

“Without MEDQUEST,” Danielle Leahey says, “school would not be as fun.” Emphasizing the importance of the program on her high school career, she continues by saying


“I’ve definitely changed as a person and student thanks to MEDQUEST.”

At Marist High School, MEDQUEST is a yet another career preparatory program that inspires our students to pursue viable college and career options after graduation. After successfully completing the program, Marist graduates have entered top-notch college programs in areas such as pre-med, pre-dental, and pre-pharmacy.

Leahey says that her most favorite activity has to be ‘search and rescue.’ It combines a wide range of skills and terminology learned throughout the year. “We get to hide one of our dummies and then treat them based on their case. It ranges from heart attacks to bee stings. It lets you think fast and know what to do if these emergencies happen in real life.”

In addition to preparation for diversified health careers, students will take a test and earn certification as an ECG/EKG technician, a medical assistant, or phlebotomist.

Leahey concludes,

“You really discover yourself as a student, a person, and as a soon-to-be medical professional. This class shapes who you are and makes you ready for the hardships and challenges of the medical field,”




A Number that Will Make You Think Twice about College. MARIST can Help.

Just this past year, the average student loan debt for one college graduate was roughly $40,000. American students have seen their college bill triple and even quadruple in the past decade. The problem is that these recent graduates are struggling to find employment, making them unable to pay back their loans. In fact, most people who earn their bachelor’s end up working in jobs that do not even require a college degree, usually a much lower-paying one.

By now, you have experienced a depressing image about college, but there is hope. More and more students across the United States are now resorting to options such as Advanced Placement courses and summer programs in an effort to lessen the financial burden that they may face in college. Such opportunities allow students to earn credit which can be transferred to the college they choose to enroll in. However, the process for these extra courses can be costly and the AP exams are very challenging.

Beginning in the Fall 2018, Marist High School will implement a new innovative program aimed at bringing its students the solution to the student loan crisis. College Now will enable students to earn a two-year associate's degree while simultaneously earning a Marist High School diploma.

Starting in their freshman year of high school, students will take college-level courses which will then translate into one of three meta-majors that they will choose: liberal arts, science and math, or business. Unlike an ordinary high school curriculum, College Now focuses on each student’s career interests and pathways.

Such a program will enable Marist students to get a head start in their college career. They will be able to graduate college at a much earlier time than students of the same age. In addition, College Now enables students to enter the job market earlier. This program will allow them to showcase their unique abilities and interests to employers and higher-education institutions.


However, the biggest benefit of them all is that their families will end up saving anywhere from an estimated $24,000 to $80,000 in college expenses depending on the type of institution they choose to attend.

There are numerous other academic and extracurricular programs that prepare students for their life beyond high school and college. These include MedQuest and the Engineering Program which we will be exploring in the coming weeks.

The transition into college can be complicated and very stressful. However, with the College Now program, you will be able to move into your new college dorm with one less thing to worry about: college debt.

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